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Three For the World

World Premiere: October 26-29, 2022

New York Live Arts

Three For The World is an artistic production premiering works by contemporary choreographers Miriam Barbosa, Adrianna Thompson and Javier Dzul. In a challenging world with much need for the arts to enhance perception and consciousness, the three artists found a common thread through the medium of dance. This performance is a gift to a generation in crucial times.


Blue Eclipse 

World Premiere: October 26-29, 2022

New York Live Arts

Blue Eclipse is an exploration of the dynamics of human relationship. People often walk a tightrope between independence and the desire for connection with others. In Blue Eclipse, the Moon and Sun are heavenly bodies that mirror the universal cycle of relationship. 

Choreographer: Adrianna Thompson 

Costume: Marion Talan

Original Musical Composition: Craig Bohmler

Lighting Design: Mike Inwood 

Film Design: Jaco Strydom

Dancers: Itzkan Barbosa and Federico Garcia

ThreeForWorld_047 copy.jpeg

Moment to Moment

World Premiere: October 26-29, 2022

New York Live Arts

Moment to Moment is about the isolation many of us experienced during the pandemic impacted our opportunities for intimacy and vulnerability. Many found refuge in their technology, substituting posts on cell phones for real connection, and remote work is the new normal, but have we lost the moment to moment awareness that reminds us we are all connected. 

Choreographer: Adrianna Thompson 

Costume: Marion Talan 

Original Musical Composition: Roxy Roller 

Lighting Design: Mike Inwood 

Film Design: Jaco Strydom 

Dancers: Robert "Buddy” Valdez, Barbara Koch, Oren Yaari, Federico Garcia, Kennyth Montes De Oca, Andrea Dusel-Foil, Itzkan Barbosa, and Sasha Anneka Bass-ulmer


Golden Mean

World Premiere: September 6, 2019

Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco, CA

The Golden Mean is a creation inspired by the 100th Anniversary of The Bauhaus Movement. The Golden Mean is the mathematical equation of perfection that naturally occurs in nature. The Bauhaus used this structure to define many of their ideas and concepts.


Choreography: Barbara Koch
Costumes: Tiffany Amundson, Barbara Koch and Adrianna Thompson
Original Composition by: Roxy Roller

Lighting: Harry Rubeck
Dancers: Ryan
Camou, Emanuel Colombo, Delvis Savigne Frinon, Barbara Koch, ArVejon Jones, Margot Lena, Andrea McGinnis, Alejandra Preciado, and Adonis Damian Martin Quiñones

Soulskin2019 -02150.jpeg
Soulskin2019 -02800.jpg
Soulskin2019 -02229.jpeg

Parallel Dialogues

World Premiere: April 14, 2019

Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder, CO

Parallel Dialogues explores the healing power of intimacy, and realizing that we are fundamentally and irrevocably connected. It ponders how humans define and navigate relationships that are both essential to existence and challenges us towards striking a balance for happiness.


Choreography: Adrianna Thompson

Music: Noh

Filmmaker: Jaco Strydom

Video Editing: Katrina Miller

Dancers: Ryan Camou, Emanuel Colombo, Delvis Savigne Frinon, Margot Lena, Andrea McGinnis, Allie Papazian, Adonis Damian Martin Quinones and Adrianna Thompson

Guest Artist: Dylan Elmore 

Image 1.jpg
Image 4 copy.jpeg


World Premiere: September 7, 2018

Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco, CA

HERO is a politically themed ballet that poses the question: What defines a hero? When a young woman unexpectedly receives a message from faraway, a doorway mysteriously reveals itself. An odyssey of the individual merging with the universal ( and vice versa) is the parallel realm that envelops her, testing her fortitude through longing and love, struggle and salvation, loss and remembrance. At once mystical and mundane, HERO explores the multitude of roles the hero plays in our everyday, extra-ordinary lives.


Choreography: Adrianna Thompson

Music: Noh

Playwright: Lilly Bright

Dancers: Ryan Camou, Emanuel Colombo, Devon Chen, Delvis Savigne Frinon, Erika Hassan, ArVejon Jones, Barbara Koch, Margot Lena, Allie Papazian, and Adonis Damain Martin Quinones

Guest Artist: Sebastien Thill

Video Filming: Andy Mogg

Video Editing: Jaco Strydom


To Command

World Premiere: March 9, 2018

Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco, CA

Inspired by the dystopian genre, SOULSKIN embarks on a daring new work that questions our sense of autonomy in a world dictated by technology. This piece, conceptualized by Adrianna Thompson and choreographed by Thompson and returning guest artist Dylan Elmore, utilizes dance, photography, and live music in a collaborative performance unlike any previous SOULSKIN project.


Choreography: Adrianna Thompson & Dylan Elmore, with divertissements by Jamielyn Duggan & Erika Hassan

Dancers: Paola Calliari, Ryan Camou, Jamielyn Duggan, Delvis Savigne Friñon, ArVejon Jones, Margot Lena, Julian Lopez, Adonis Martin, Allie Papazian

Music: Dramatic Trailer by Audio 95

Videography: Genevieve Hand

Video Editing: Genevieve Hand


Satin & Swing

World Premiere: March 10, 2017

Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco, CA

Artistic Director and Choreographer Adrianna Thompson seeks to engage audiences in a study of two eras, the 1920s and the present. Dance Mission Theatre transforms into a time machine, transporting us back to the 1920s. Glitz and glam sparkle from the dingy corners of a speakeasy. Raucous jazz blares, bringing bejeweled and sequined dancing flapper girls to life. An evening of indulgence has begun. 

Choreography: Adrianna Thompson

Dancers: Courtney Armani, Shanise Dews, Delvis Savigne Friñon, Edisnel Rodriguez Gonzalez, Emily Hansel, Erika Hassan, Margot Lena, Adonis Martin, Amy McMurchie, Leyna Swoboda

Music: Noh

Costumes: Eimaj Design by Jamielyn

Videography: Andy Mogg

Video Editing: Genevieve Hand

D3 Soulskin Dress 2017_1776.jpeg
D3 Soulskin Dress 2017_2030.jpeg
Satin Swing Margo.jpg

Let's Move! 
Summer Workshop: SOULSKIN Dance & Aspen Art Museum

July 28, 2017

Aspen, CO

A 360° view of the culmination of the Let's Move! workshop in partnership with the Aspen Art Museum.

Choreography: Workshop participants

Dancers: Workshop participants

Music: Noh

Videography: Aspen Art Museum staff

Video Editing: Aspen Art Museum staff


A Pop Culture Journey (Parts I, II, III)


Joe Goode Annex, San Francisco, CA

Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco, CA

Over the course of the company's first three years, SOULSKIN Dance presented an original three-part pop culture journey infused with dance, video and live beats. 

Choreography: Adrianna Thompson, Dylan Elmore

Dancers: SOULSKIN contracted dancers, seasons 1-3.

Media Design: Darl Andrew Packard, William Brinkert

Costume Design: Eimaj Design by Jamielyn

Music: "Problem Child" by Roy Orbison, "Lost Stars" by Faded Paper Figures

Videography: Andy Mogg

Video Editing: Molly Rogers

Pop Culture.jpg
Soulskin2016 - 1131.jpeg

The In-Between (2016)

July 7, 2016

Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, CO

A site-specific performance commissioned by the Aspen Art Museum as part of the exhibition: Alan Shields: Protracted Simplicity (1966-1985). 

Choreography: Adrianna Thompson

Dancers: Genevieve Hand, Erika Hassan, Amy McMurchie, Linda Phung, Leyna Swoboda

Costume Design: Eimaj Design by Jamielyn

Sound Score: Noah Salomon


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