SOULSKIN Dance is a San Francisco-based dance company, devoted to investigating the political and social influences that shape our society. Through the body’s language of dance, we seek to encourage discovery and understanding in our complex and often divided world.

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Up Next

CLOSER Season 8 At Dance Mission & Live streaming! 

Nov. 5-6, 2021 



Training with Adrianna Thompson 

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CLOSER/Season 8
Back on Stage and Live Streamed
at Dance Mission Theater 
Friday & Saturday Nov. 5 & 6, 2021
at 8:00pm 
for tickets:



Soulskin 21 DMJune 20th--2068
Soulskin 21 DMJune 20th--329
Soulskin 21 DMJune 20th--2001
Soulskin 21 DMJune 20th--105
Soulskin 21 DMJune 20th--630
Soulskin21 Sun June 20thDM--732
Soulskin 21 DMJune 20th--857
Soulskin 21 DMJune 20th--917
Soulskin 21 DMJune 20th--1654

Photos by Andy Mogg

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