Phoenix Rising premiering June 2021 at Aspen Fringe Festival


Phoenix Rising

Choreography:  Adrianna Thompson

Performed:  Katherine Bolanos, Seia Rassenti and Anthony Tiedeman

Music:  Nine Inch Nails

LIVE PERFORMANCE at The Wheeler Opera House

June 11-12, 2021 @ 7:30pm

Ticket information: www.AspenFringeFestival.org

The phoenix was a huge mythological bird that cyclically was resurrected by arising from the ashes of its own fiery grave.To rise like a phoenix from the ashes means to emerge from a catastrophe stronger, with life reborn and transformed. Created for three best friends who found themselves furloughed from Aspen Santa Fe Ballet during the Covid-19 pandemic, this original work is dedicated to all performers who must now struggle to spread their wings again and breathe new life into their art.

CLOSER: A sneak peak of our new dance film

SOULSKIN Dance will present CLOSER. A look into the importance of being connected with others...to laugh, cry, and play. To ultimately rediscover the importance of intimacy. From performing arts to education, our future success and happiness hangs in the balance. This dance film is an attempt to heal wounds of what this unprecedented time has left us with. And to most importantly shed light on the essential need for human contact. 

CLOSER live at Aspen Fall Fest Sept 2020


Choreography: Adrianna Thompson

Dancers: Samantha Altenau and Giacomo Bavutti

Music: Recomposed by Max Richter, Vivaldi- Four Seasons, Spring 2 and 3

SOULSKIN Dance will be in LIVE performances in Aspen, CO as part of the Aspen Fringe Festival's FallFest 2020. On Saturday, Sept 19, SOULSKIN Dance will present an original work on The Rink at the Collective in Snowmass. We will also be performing in the full show on September 26 at 7:30 in the Aspen District Theater. Due to COVID protocols, only 50 tickets will be available per show. 

Shelter in Place 2020

SOULSKIN Dance: Shelter in Place 2020

Artistic Director: Adrianna Thompson

Filmmaker: Jaco Strydom

Music: Noh

Dancers: Andrea McGinnis, ArVejon Jones, Alejandra Preciado, Barbara Koch, Jamielyn Duggan, Emanuel Colombo, Delvis Savigne Frinon, Margot Lena, Adonis Martin and Adrianna Thompson

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